About me

I’m not better than you and I don’t know better than you. I just like to write, after all it’s something I supposedly studied. I’m fond of bizarre local legends and stories in general as well as the real (no filter) people and real stuff in general.

The term real is, of course relative. All things are real but some things are more real than others 😉 But here I’m talking about something that doesn’t compromise on its essence in order to gain popularity or something like that.

I also like Dubnobasswithmyheadman kinda atmosphere; epic landscapes; smell of wood and grass being cut (not necessarily at the same time); colours of spring and autumn; sunsets and rises; empty beaches; old-narrow-curvy-hilly alley towns; smell and taste of coffee and cafés made and operated with love. To be honest, this list can go on and on…

And I also like brackets (well, I like them for things you can insert in them to be precise). Those things might appear like if they were locking something up but actually they are delivering the added ingredients to the meaning, just like herbs do in meals. And last but not least, I like literature and world peace – both of these offer a lot of space for imagination…

I waz here. Torres del Paine, Chile

Chose Life

Overall, I’m however just yet another person who decided to quit their job not to live in the box based on society’s values, parents’ hopes, and so on and I went off travelling around South and Central Americas, while at present I’m looking into options how to travel some more after I returned from that trip.

FYI, this move of mine is not as radical, as it might come across to some people. After all, it’s your life and you can do whatever you want to do with it, if you have no real commitments. To chose what’s real and what’s not it’s entirely up to you, although it’s not always that easy.

For me personally, it was coming for quite a while, given the levels of excitement, professional as well as personal evolution taking place my life in the past few working years. I can’t say that it was easy to jump into some sort of uncertainty of what’s coming and if I will be able to afford it but I can say that it was liberating because I knew that I can be happier.

Sort of epilogue

I also really want to get stuck in a beach bar, the one with those palm leaves kinda roof above, during the tropical storm 😉 Once I was close though – few years ago on the Secret Beach in Hoi An. That storm however only passed close by. So I begun to contemplate the idea that if the storm doesn’t come to me – shall I come to the storm?)) 

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