10 best things about something

Everything is about the 10 best things nowadays, isn’t it? The whole world seems to like the 10 best kinda stuff. So what would you say the 10 best things about traveling would be?

FYI, this was originally an idea of parody but the more I was thinking about the cool things about travelling, the less of a parody it was 🙂

  1. When you wake up excited about your day
  2. When you check in in the airport before going somewhere
  3. When you take a shower after checking in in your hotel or hostel after a long day travelling before hitting the streets
  4. When you are reading about the destination where you’re going
  5. When you feel enriched by a different culture
  6. When you break your comfort zone
  7. If you travel solo, you can change your mind and there’s nobody to be pissed off with you about it (but you)
  8. When you sit through the storm on the beach under the palm leaves roof kinda bar
  9. When the drinks go down well 🙂
  10. When your “Darwin” lesson from the SCAM Phd University didn’t cost you much 😉

Do you have some other stuff that would make this particular Top 10?

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