Coming Up:

So this site already contains 20 texts. And here is the list of another 20, I have prepared or I’m in the process of preparing. I’ve decided to publish 2 pieces a week, or more in case something comes up.

One of those two weekly texts will be mostly travel-related and they will come out on Sundays late afternoons. The non-travel related texts will come out on Wednesdays after your lunch. By the time we’ll get to the article about Prague, I’ll be most likely already working or looking for work somewhere so I hope that by that time, it will be rather clear of where this site is going, if anywhere.

At the moment I’m still hooked on writing because I feel I need to do something (I know – don’t laugh) but in the (no so distant) future I will need to be doing something for money so I doubt I’ll have this much time for writing, unless this site will insanely pick up and I’ll feel obliged to contribute with more material, which I honestly doubt. For now, I hope that some of you enjoy reading my shit or that someone find the practical info helpful.

If you had any suggestions – please do let me know – I’m not a marketer, nor I am a publisher – I just enjoy writing and I’ll gladly listen to whatever you have to say 😉

Over and out ;j


Coming Up

Recommend a Movie (Category Everything)
/I’ve always wanted to know about an online page where friends recommend films. I’ll attempt to create one here with couple of recommendations of mine and hope you will find a minute to contribute a bit yourselves so we can all find a treat here from time to time 😉 I suggest watch one – recommend one kinda exchange 😉

The Reggaeton is coming (Life & Comedy)
/Screw the winter but The Reggaeton is coming! Due to the fact that my music tolerance have been tested rather hard by reggaeton here in South America, I’ve revisited and old music tolerance related piece from the past. This piece will therefore be about Reggaeton vs Dire Straits.

Iguazú Falls (Travel: Tourist Attractions SA)
Guide piece about Iguazú. How to, how much and so on…

Scam Phd (Travel & Life: Features )
A collection of scam and tricks to do you. Some real stories. Some funny, some cute and some dangerous.

Uyuni Salt Flats (Travel: Tourist Attractions SA)
/out on Sunday, 3/3, 17:05 CET/ Kinda report from Uyuni Salt Flats + some possibly useful info for the first timers.

The Off The Beaten Path (Travel & some Comedy: Features)
/out on Wednesday, 6/3, 13:01 CET/ Self explanatory.

Death Road (Travel: Tourist Attractions SA)
/out on Sunday, 10/3, 17:05 CET/ Kinda report from Death Road Tour in Bolivia + some possibly useful info for the first timers.

Travellers’ Complaints (Travel: Features)
/out on Wednesday, 13/3, 13:01 CET/ Working folk might find this hard to believe but, yes it’s true – those non-working, life enjoying travelling bastards also whinge. What are they whinging about?

Is Machu Picchu overrated? (Travel: Tourist Attractions SA)
/out on Sunday, 17/3, 17:05 CET/ A guide to MaPi. How to, how much and all that. The headline is just a first click bite attempt of mine.

Les Touchers 🙂 (Life & Comedy)
/out on Wednesday, 20/3, 13:01 CET/ I’m kind off proud of this one 🙂 It’s a real life piece.

Sucre & La Paz (Travel: Destinations SA)
/out on Sunday, 24/3, 17:05 CET/ A bit of a guide, some history, pics, etc…

10 Best Things About Something (Travel)
/out on Wednesday, 27/3, 13:01 CET/ Well, this supposed to be a piss take from the current tendency to list TOP 10 things about everything but it turned out 10 Best Things About Travel thing itself (:0

Cusco & Lima (Travel: Destinations SA)
/out on Sunday, 31/03, 17:05 CET/ A bit of a guide, some history, pics, etc…

Party Town economy: Máncora vs Montañita (Travel & Life: Destinations SA)
/out on Wednesday, 3/4, 17:05 CET/ It’s funny how the small party towns are kind off the same. How to survive, personality typologies and some more…

Uruguay: Montevideo, Punta del Diablo and Cabo Polonio (Travel: Destinations SA)
/out on Sunday, 7/4, 17:05 CET/ Big little country. A bit of a guide, how to, how much, some pics, etc…

Buenos, Buenos Aires (Travel & Life: Destinations SA)
/out on Sunday, 14/4, 17:05 CET/ A bit of a guide, some history and some pics from this gorgeous city.

Prague (Travel: Destinations Europe)
/out on Sun, 21/4, 17:05 CET/ A bit of a former insider guide, some history, etc…

Further pieces in preparation

European Union. Travelling made me aware of how we, Europeans take many things for granted. Things like peace, stability and hustle-free border crossings, while many whinge about EU. Let’s remember the good stuff too 😉

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