Crossing the line

I’ve just crossed the border crossing between Ecuador and Colombia. I’ve crossed many borders lately but this one was heartbreaking. Seeing the amount of Venezuelan people stranded there, with children, wrapped in blankets wasn’t easy. It was actually hard to take. Among other things such as the personal impact it had on me, it was also hard to accept the reality that even people from a rich country have to flee their homes because they have no other option. No food. No medical services. No access to a drinking water. No safety. No future.

It’s different when you read about refugees in the paper because it’s an article only, a distant reality – but seeing the tragedy with your own eyes – it’s truly heartbreaking. Currently (April 2019) I am in Bogotá, where Guaidó (the self-proclaimed president of Venezuela), Pence (the vice president of the oil hungry US of A) and the so called Lima group (multilateral body of 12 Central and South American countries) plot the overtaking Maduro‘s government.


I’m not going to dive deep in this political shit because it would involve a long text which would have to include the history of the whole region going back as far as conquistadors. From the more recent history, the proper analysis would have to describe the history of USA’s interference and support overthrowing governments by various dictators in the region for which Mr Henry Kissinger got a Nobel Peace Price for some utterly bizarre reason.

Furthermore, we would have too look at where Chávez screwed up as well as where he did help to improve the lives of the poorest in Venezuela and why would they now fight for the political movement he started. The subject of why is his successor Maduro an egocentric asshole and semi-dictator would also require a lot of attention.

Even the whole library of books analysing the current situation in Venezuela would not help those millions of people who were forced to flee their homes. There seems to be a massive game played here and except the Red Cross and other NGOs, no one really consider the actual people, unless we take the political gestures of aid into consideration.

Gloomy sunrise at the Gulf of Urabá

What’s next?

In reality – it appears that currently there are only two options for Venezuela. On the first hand, there’s the egocentric asshole and semi-dictator Maduro who’s obviously not capable of running the country, while he keeps making a fortune for himself with the help of his Chinese and Russian mates. On the other hand, there’s is Guaidó who’s willing to start the civil war just to sing the paperwork signing the Venezuelan oil to the US.

None of these two assholes really consider the consequences of their actions, while the most obvious solution of replacing Maduro by a professional cross-party emergency government or at least by a new leader of his party until the next election was never mentioned by either of them.

It’s a stand off of two idiots, both supported by different kinds of power interests, while their people continue being badly screwed. Well done humanity – once again you’re proving what we are worth, when it comes to power-hungry psychopaths who we, for some bizarre reasons keep electing to represent us against interests of other power-hungry psychopaths.

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