Travellers’ complaints :)

OK. However smug or weird this might sound to those who have never travelled for longer periods, but yes travellers also have shit to complain about. I’ve decided to start collecting those complains and compile them into this article. I’m not going to go on about insect, food and so on – those could be annoying on a normal holidays as well. The longer term travellers have different problems 😀

Please do let me know if you would ad anything here 😉

Living of your bag. Everything you need to pull out of the backpack and after a while, it does get a little annoying to be honest. It’s either that you are super-organized about how you store your stuff or you have to pull half of your things out before you get to the pair of socks you were looking for.

Toilets. It’s not just the occasional Turkish style toilet almost everyone experienced on holidays. In SA and some places in Asia you have to litter the toilet paper in the bin, rather than in the toilet, which doesn’t make them the most clean toilets in the world. And you most likely get diarrhea at some point. It’s not something you’ll grow to like and sometimes you rebel a bit by throwing the paper in the toilet, which makes you a proper believer because you never know what will happen when you’ll splash…

ATM charges. Horrible thing – a well deserved huge whinge here. The banking institutions we all love so much because they are making the world a better place as they are transparent and donate money to good causes as well as because they cause financial stability and because they never ask for help when they screw up. Those charges vary but it could go up to €11,60 for a withdrawal of an equivalent of €100. Imagine how much does it add up to over the period of 6 months or more.

Comfort. People also miss their beds – their own comfy beds. There’s nothing better than getting a bed that’s hard, too soft, wobbly or even too short for you to stretch.

Scam is probably the most common whinge next to the bank charges. People can get very inventive when it comes to how to get your money. More about scam is here.

Music. It’s mostly shit. Music is mostly shit everywhere, unless you live in Berlin, London in 90s and before, or in other places I don’t know about yet, but usually in the tourist spots, the places play the shittiest genres possible to attract the crowds. I never knew if this “safe audience” kinda approach really reflects what people want to hear. It’s just that the producers are scared to be adventurous because of the commercial pressure.*

Prices. The budgeting is always a bit of a problem, unless you were born blessed to be spared of the money problems. On a short trip, one goes for comfort mostly as it’s your time to enjoy and you don’t give a sit as much. Long term traveller is however usually more cautious about items he or she don’t really need as much because it adds up to a lot over the extended period of time. I’ve put some text about the budget travel here in case you were interested.

Crowds. It’s the ultimate trouble with any tourist destination. More about the beaten path is here or in this piece I wrote about Machu Picchu.

Travel burnout. This one is kind of funny and I have suffered from it a bit myself. But how can one get burned out about a holiday with an indefinite date of termination? I honestly don’t know. I’ve never travelled for such a long time. It was always just to re-charge (or even completely change) the batteries for me in order to get back to the real life, in which I generally need some sort of mission on the top of just work, rainy winter Monday mornings, paying rent, bills and all that.

Now when I’ve been on the road for so long, I’m not getting that “I’m ready to go back to real life” thing because I just don’t have to do so, yet. It’s funny. It gets you thinking a bit. Is this real or is this just fantasy? Some things are just more real than others, aren’t they Dave

In other words, it’s this: once you experience the best off kinda beauty like for example Iguazú Falls, then 99% of waterfalls become just a waterfalls, unless a working year passed. It’s like how food smells to you when you hungry vs not hungry. And it feels arrogant kind of horrible and stupid, the very stupid kind kind of stupid.

*In my humble opinion, the music choices don’t reflect the popular opinion. It’s just a myth. People’s taste in music is like Brexit: 48/52 and than the smallest divide the minor majority becomes a religion. All the radios are bloody Brexit but in reality not everyone wants to listen to reggaeton – some people were just pissed off with Ed Sheeran dominance so they voted the opposition at the time of the vote without thinking of the consequences of the unthinkable – that leavers will win.

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