8 months trip covered in 60-odd texts. Thank you for your attention :)

Thank you

Last week, I’ve finally concluded on the series of the location-based texts from my nearly 8 months trip in Latin Americas. Such occasion presents me with an opportunity to thank all of the 1553 of you for reading at least some of those sixty-odd texts presented on this site.

I understand that there are hundreds of other sites that are covering the same subjects and locations – out of which, unlike me, many operate with proper budget and marketing tools – so the fact that you have picked some of my articles extends my gratitude even further. I do hope that you have enjoyed your reading 😉

This is where you are all from. Thanks again 🙂

What’s next regarding this site?

As for me, I must say that except covering many miles (32 320 to be precise) – which was an activity that blessed me with the opportunity of getting to know other cultures, people, places, fruits, drinks, cuisines and many many other things – I also had a great time researching and writing those pieces ‘cos it gave me the added knowledge as well as the creative ingredient I craved for during the last few years of my life.

Well, sometimes I had a great time writing and sometimes it felt a bit like a job, especially with the location-based factual texts, with all that fact-double checking not to provide a wrong information, but that’s not the point. The point is that I have decided to keep this site alive. I am however afraid that as much as I would like to, I will not be always able to keep producing nearly two texts a week because I’ve got other things to concentrate on right now.

In the near future, you can however still expect some new material wrapping my trip statistically, from various perspectives, such as budget, miles, packing lists and so on. I am also preparing some featurey kinda texts that are looking at various elements of travel, life and culture as well as some more location-based texts covering places I have visited in Europe and South East Asia in the past.

getting to Vat Phou, an Indiana Jones-like Khmer temple. Laos, 2017

Work in progress

Just so you know, I’ve recently re-edited and/or re-written some of my old texts from the early periods of my trip when I haven’t had enough time to write (mainly in Patagonia) ‘cos some of them were poorly edited and some were even badly written – (:0 – I’m so sorry about that. I am thinking of re-publishing some of those refurbished articles just to show the respect I have for you, the readers. Furthermore, I am also slowly adding a “sleep” section in each location-based text, if the place I’ve stayed in would be recommendable.

The major change might however be a new architecture and design as well as possibly new platform and name of this site, which is what I am currently working on with some friends. The thing is that as much as I love writing, I’ve invested quite a lot of my time and and money into this project and at this point I need to see some sort of direction where this is all going. I mean that this site now needs some proper strategy and identity as well as some extra fun features or something like that to take it to the next level, whatever that means.

I’ve just found out that launching or relaunching a site properly (like really properly) would require at least a spare 5k, which I currently don’t have so now I’m dependent on favours and those usually come with no deadlines so please be patient. I’m sure that the refurbishment will brighten the site up 🙂

So if you have enjoyed my articles, please stay tuned. As soon as I sort out the above mentioned details, I’ll start posting again. I can’t wait to do so, as that is the part I enjoy the most. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your summers, be good and take it easy 😉

Halong Bay, Vietnam

My route and links to locations covered so far

Santiago de ChileValparaíso ► Santiago de Chile ► Punta Arenas – Ushuaia – Punta Arenas Puerto Natales – Torres del Paine – Puerto Natales ► El Calafate (Perito Moreno Glacier, Arg) ► El Chaltén (Los Glaciares National Park) ► Los Antiguos – Chile Chico (Ch) – Puerto Rio Tranquillo (Marble Caves) ► Coyhaique – Puyuhuapi – Coyhaique (Carretera Austral) ► Puerto Chacabuco Quellón Puerto Varas – San Carlos de Bariloche (Arg) ► Buenos Aires ► Colonia (Ur) ► MontevideoPunta del Diablo – Cabo Polonio ► Montevideo ► Salto ► Concordia (Arg) ► Puerto Iguazú (Iguazú Falls) ► San Salvador de Jujuy ► Tilcara ► San Pedro de Atacama (Ch) ► Uyuni Salt Flats Tour (Bol) ► Uyuni ► Sucre – La Paz (Death Road Tour) ► Copacabana (Lake Titicaca) – Isla del Sol – Copacabana ► Cusco (Per) ► Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu) ► Cusco ► Lima ► Máncora – Montañita (Ecu) ► Puerto López ► QuitoIpiales (Col) – Pasto Tatacoa Desert – Bogotá – Villa de Lleyva – MedellínSanta Marta – Cartagena – Rincón del Mar NecoclíCapurganá ► Puerto Obaldía (Pan) ► Panama City ► Las Lajas ► Cerro Punta ► David ► Bocas del Torro ► San José (Costa Rica) San Juan del Sur (Nic) – OmetepeGranadaManagua – El Rama – Bluefields – Corn Islans – Bluefields – ManaguaLéon ► El Tunco (El Salvador) La Antigua Guatemala – Lake AtitlánLanquín – Flores (Tikal) ► Belize City ► Bacalar – Tulum – Playa del Carmen – Valladoid – Cancún.

Love, peace and understanding ;jb

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